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We are DJs for Hire and we’ve been doing this for about 25 years in Kansas City. To be honest, we’ve gotten quite good at it. Good enough, in fact, to be invited to join a pretty heady list of other wedding professionals who are recognized as the best Kansas City has to offer (see PWP the List).

Our philosophy is quite simple - we provide the soundtrack for your event. And we do it in a very professional, low-key, classy way. Mostly this means we play the right song at the right time. It also means we provide vocal direction, if and when it’s needed. But we are never the focus. We don’t feel we should be the center of attention. No, that’s reserved for you and your event.

While we aren’t a big DJ company, we feel this is to your advantage. Both of us are present at pretty much every event. We’ve done that since day one and have no plans of changing. What this means is that you know exactly what you’re going to get. There’s no guessing who will actually show up to make your event special. And, since both of us are there, things tend to run more smoothly. Many events require one of us to be off talking to the host while the music continues. Not a problem for us.

That’s pretty much our story. We hope we can help make your event everything you want it to be. And more. Have more questions? Call or write us –

Mario Estevez

Tim Staley


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